Fredonia Admissions Center

State University of New York


Location: Fredonia, NY

Total GSF12,800 GSF New Construction

Completed: 2015 - 2017 Study


Perry Dean and Architectural Resources are currently in collaboration and were selected by SUNY for the design and construction of the Fredonia Admissions Center. After the development of three schemes, “Wing,” “Woods,” and “Wave,” the design board came to the conclusion to push forward with the “Wing” scheme. Design drivers include:

  • Welcoming: openness, natural light, elegance/attractiveness, definitive lines
  • Admissions: community engagement, attractive to adult/non-traditional students
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Functional, tidy/easy to clean
  • Connectivity: Access to Outdoors, ability to sit beautifully on Fredonia’s Campus with all of the concrete and brick architecture
  • Sustainability: Solar Panels, Green Roof, Motion Sensor Lighting, Fewer overhead lights in offices
  • Transformational: Unique and unlike any other welcome center, memorable, iconic, and including state-of-the-art technology