Library Storage Building

University of Arkansas


Design Architect: Perry Dean Rogers Partners Architects

Architect of Record: Miller Boskus Lack Architects

Location: Fayetteville, AR

Total GSF28,700 GSF

Completed: 2018 (Proposed Completion)


The Library Storage Building is triggered by a preliminary study performed by Perry Dean in September of 2012.  The study explored the potential of an off-site storage facility to free up space in the University of Arkansas Mullins Library to be renovated for new programs.  The future site of the Library Storage Building is located in an area determined by Planning at the University of Arkansas to be the future Art + Design District, a five minute drive from Mullins Library.

Determining the collection to be stored in the Library Storage Building was critical for right-sizing the storage capacity for the new structure. The Design Team worked closely with the Library Working Group to determine both the storage capacity and the building support program. As a result, the program configurations were thought of as two separate entities which are also reflected in the building volume: (1) a tall building mass for high bay, high density shelving for the collection; and (2) a lower building volume for support programs including quarantine, preservation, recycling and work space.

As the design moved into the DD phase, extensive studies explored exterior material options for the building envelope in an attempt to elevate the aesthetics of the building beyond a typical storage shed.  The Design Team reviewed with the Library Working Group a series of material options including extruded metal, terracotta, brick, corten metal panel, gabion and charred wood in conjunction with their potential cost savings for the project.