Frank & Laura Lewis Library

LaGrange College


Location: LaGrange, GA

Total GSF: 44,884 GSF Renovation, 28,100 GSF New Construction

Completed: 2008



The Frank and Laura Lewis Library sits atop the College’s historic Hill Campus where it shapes significant new exterior spaces: a plaza at the main entrance and a quadrangle connecting the Hill Campus to existing buildings to the south. The program reflects an increased interrelationship between library collections, media, and campus-wide computing services but at the same time emphasizes the building’s role as an important campus “place”. Strong inside / outside relationships, interconnected interior spaces, and copious natural lighting reflect a contemporary design approach. 

Extensive day lighting – achieved with a series of north-facing roof monitors and exterior wall glazing – dramatically reduces the Library’s electrical load. Overhangs and shading elements prevent solar gain and glare. Locally harvested and finished brick, wood, concrete and stone with low embodied energies further reduce the building’s environmental impact, as do the recycled carpet tiles from a nearby manufacturer that are a uniquely regional contribution to the project. This project is working toward LEED Silver certification.


Photography © David Massengill