Magill Library Renovation

Haverford College


Location: Haverford, PA

Total GSF: 30,570 GSF Renovation, 32,380 GSF Demolition + Addition

Completed: 2019 (Proposed)


Haverford College selected Perry Dean for the Renovation of Magill Library, listed on the Haverford Township Bureau for Historic Preservation. The Library is an intricately complex structure constructed over four unique architectural eras (1864-1898, 1912, 1941 & 1967). The overarching goals for the project are to create a 21st Century learning space, to better accommodate the space needs of an intellectual community and to enhance the scholarly work of the College community members.

In order to achieve this the project is intended to challenge, verify and implement the program as derived in the College's 2014 Concept Design which confirmed component program spaces and suggested viable adjacencies. Primary project objectives include examining multiple points of entry, enhancing clarity of arrival, generating coherence of wayfinding, optimizing transference of natural light into the building, creating a sense of place for particular program spaces, incorporating both open stacks and compact shelving for collections, considering the potential for partial demolition of inefficient wings and examining the fittingness of scale and detail for potential new construction and identifying the potential for 24/7 student spaces. The future Magill Library will likewise need enhanced storage, display and access to its current Special Collections, home to the world-renowned Quaker Collections, which illuminate Quaker life, faith, and practice from the earliest days of the Society of Friends to the present.

The Haverford College Campus in its entirety is an Arboretum and planning and care regarding the campus grounds, trees, plant materials, pathways and future landscape proposals will be undertaken deliberately.